T-Net Launches training centers throughout East Africa

T-Net’s strategy is to train an initial group of pastors in a country. Then they become the trainers, continue until they have enough volume to be self-supporting, and then they take over and run the ministry in their country until the Great Commission is finished there.

After leading Course 6 at the Training Center in Kisumu, Kenya I calculated a few results. The 19 pastors that continue in that training center have in the last 18 months:

  1. Increased their attendance by 28%
  2. Increased their weekly giving by 96% (this is a normal experience for us everywhere)
  3. Won 958 new converts who are now regular attenders
  4. Have 74 church planting apprentices in training
  5. Planted17 new churches
  6. Started 4 second generation training centers to begin with in Kenya.
  7. These 19 pastors have 300 pastors in the training centers they have started in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.  Imagine what this would look like if 2000 pastors were involved instead of just 19!

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