Tuition and Fee Schedule

Ratiba ya Malipo ya ada za MGST / T-Net na Malipo ya Adhabu ya Kuchelewesha Kulipa



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Application fee – 500 Ksh

Course Tuition–Due First Day of Each Course

  1. For Adult High School (HS) completion – no tuition (only MGST/T-Net fees)
  2. Diploma – 1800 Ksh/course (no MGST/T-Net fees)
  3. Bachelor of Arts (BA) – 2800 Ksh/course
  4. Master of Arts (MA) – 3000 Ksh/course
  5. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) – 4000 Ksh/course

Minnesota Graduate School of Theology / T-Net Fees

Every degree requires payment of the following fees:

  1. $50 USD registration fee paid in the first year of the degree program
  2. $50 USD matriculation fee paid in the second year of the degree program
  3. $50 USD graduation fee. paid in the third year of the degree program

A 500 Ksh money transfer fee must be paid with each $50 payment to cover the costs of sending funds to MGST/T-Net.

MGST / T-Net Fee Payment Schedule and Late Payment Penalties

The following is a schedule of when fees are due and late payment penalties (All fees are non-refundable).



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